Here is a re-creation of the letter from the VOA Special English which came as a MS Word document. I took a liberty of converting it into an htm document.

Voice of America
Special English    
Washington, DC, 20237

We are happy to hear of your interest in using VOA Special English programs for students who want to learn English.

Millions of our listeners have found the programs useful in their studies.

Permission to use our materials is granted except for most gAmerican Storiesh and gWords and Their Storiesh which include copyrighted material. We do ask, however, that you agree to the following terms:

1. Your programs and materials give credit to Special English of the Voice of America for providing the materials.

2. Your translations remain true to the original texts and do not alter the meaning.

3. You send us for our records two copies of any of your publications when completed and a summary of how our materials are being used in other formats.

Thank you for your interest in VOA Special English.




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